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Quality Mentorship, is the New Education.

Are you looking to be more? To develop skills and a competitive edge across business or leadership?

Take action today with an optimised education program at BSchool, the most industry connected Business School in Australia.


Inspired by the greatest examples of leadership that Australia has to offer, BSchool's Leadership program guides students through 12 units and 24 powerful leadership case studies that are personally delivered by the Leadership BFaculty, a panel of Australia’s top leaders in sport, business, military, non-profit and community services.

Get ready to be thrown into scenarios based on the real leadership challenges that our BFaculty have faced in their careers. You’ll get behind the scenes access to incredible stories as you work to determine the best course of action for the challenge being faced. By doing so you will be developing strong and proven leadership & management skills that you can be apply in any business or industry.

If you’re looking to unlock your leadership potential and develop skills that will give you an edge professionally and personally, this is the course for you.




Learn the steps to take your business dream from idea to reality with the eight powerful units of BSchool Entrepreneurship. The unique online program uses a ‘virtual company’ to mentor you through your course journey, ensuring that you get to practice the real-world skills you are learning.

You’re investing time to improve yourself, so we’ve made sure that you’ll learn from the best. BSchool Entrepreneurship offers ongoing guidance from a panel of top entrepreneurs – the Entrepreneurship BFaculty. To shape and contextualize your lessons, each BFaculty member sits on top of their unit of expertise; ready to share their personal story and the tactics they used to become successful.

Whether you’re looking to launch a business, grow a business or take your career to the next level, this program will give you the tools, confidence and support to get there.