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Emma Isaacs

Founder Business Chicks
Emma Isaacs has achieved more at 35 than most twice her age, having grown Business Chicks into a national community of over 35,000 members. Learn how to ‘Decide who you need on your team’ with the founder of Business Chicks

Ryan Trainor

Founder Republica Education
Ryan Trainor started his first company at age 23 and has gone on to build many more, including Australia’s largest workforce training business which was sold to the Washington Post. Learn how to ‘Create the plan and sharpen focus with lean thinking’ with the founder of Republica Education.

Richard Forbes

Managing Director 333 Group
Richard Forbes has 20 years’ experience providing financial and strategic advice to predominantly privately owned businesses and entrepreneurs from start-up phase through to exit. Learn how to ‘Raise capital for your idea’ with the Managing Director of 333 Group.

Peter Williams

Founder Deloitte Digital
Peter Williams founded Deloitte Digital and is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation. Learn that ‘Continuous innovation is the key to survival’ with the founder of Deloitte Digital.

Adrian Giles

Founder Hitwise
Adrian Giles founded Hitwise and 10 years later sold it for $300M in one of Australia’s most successful venture backed internet trade sales. Learn how to ‘Disrupt the market with a new idea’ with the founder of Hitwise

Carolyn Creswell

Founder Carman's Muesli
Carolyn Creswell turned her $1,000 investment as an 18 year old into Carman’s, Australia’s number one selling muesli brand. Learn how to ‘Mobilise an idea and create the business model’ with the founder of Carman’s.

Naomi Simson

Founding Director RedBalloon
Naomi Simson is the Founding Director of RedBalloon, an online experience gift retailer based in Australia.  A leading entrepreneur, she has recently starred on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Australia and has published a new book ‘Ready To Soar’.   Learn ‘Build The Story’ with one of Australia’s top business leaders.

David Trewern

Founder DT Digital
David Trewern built DT Digital into one of Australia’s largest digital agencies, servicing the digital needs of companies such as Bunnings, Optus & Tourism Australia. Learn how to ‘Leverage digital marketing to be competitive with the big boys’ with the founder of DT Digital.

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Course Summary

Next Intake Monthly
Duration 12 Months
Course Diploma of Business (BSB50215)
Requirements 18 years old & completed Year 12 or equivalent
(16-18 years of age can apply with parental consent)
Delivery Online
Fee $17,950

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Student Alumni


Stevie van der chys

Founder, svdc

Stevie started SVDC as a way to empower women through potrait photography. She first came across Business Chicks after attending a breakfast featuring Michelle Bridges, and soon thereafter enrolled in the course. 

"The BSchool journey has been wonderful. I’ve connected with the most amazing entrepreneurs who are actually in the workforce doing current things, and the coursework and learning reflects that.

I am a true believer that the universe listens to our every thought, and puts into action whatever we think. By enrolling in BSchool and surrounding myself with inspiring entrepreneurs, I was telling the universe I wanted more. I wanted to be bigger. I wanted to be better. I was ready."


Lucy Damin


Lucy Damin joined Business Chicks in her first year of university, using the events as an opportunity to seek out work experience and get ahead in a competitive field.  

"It's flexible, engaging, and thought prompting. The course has encouraged me to think about how I apply my entrepreneurial skills and thought processes to my day-to-day role.

I have found the workload manageable. I have blocked out three two-hour blocks throughout the week in my schedule to allow me to focus on the coursework. Time-management is essential, but with solid planning and setting weekly time aside I have found it easy to stay up to date."


Melissa knoll

Project manager

Melissa joined Business Chicks over a year ago, loving the sense of community created. As fellow member Rebecca Bodman told her, "Business Chicks are your tribe".  Here's what Melissa had to say about doing the course: 

"I always had a fear that I wasn't naturally creative and this would restrict my career development. After having to think creatively for the course, I've realised that I am and it gives me so much confidence. 

I've come from someone that has no ideas to someone that has fallen in love with their own product."


Ann Damin

Director, seed distributors

Ann started her own business in 1997, and now leads a team of 23 employees. 

"I love the diverse range of attendees at the events; I sit next to someone new and interesting every time.

I am surprised how accurate the suggested timelines for work completion are. It makes it so easy to plan.

During the work day, I allocate 15-20 minutes reading time for the book, I grab a cup of tea and head into the meeting room and read. (At the start of each unit the associated mentor sends out their favorite book to students). You need to commit to doing it, set time aside, plan the week ahead and stick to it."

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