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Drive dynamic thinking.
Inspire creative doing.


BSchool is an Education Design Lab.

We create industry connected programs, courses and experiences that accelerate the transformation of individuals and companies to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. 

Leadership | Entrepreneurship | Design Thinking

BSchool Enterprise Corporate Leadership Programs

Enterprise Programs 

Transformational Leadership Programs

Enterprise Programs are co-designed with our key partner, the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA), to enable organisations and individuals to rapidly identify, build and sustain targeted capabilities to continuously improve performance and deliver impact. 

Harvard Method

BSchool employs the Harvard Case method in its Enterprise Programs.  In each program a high profile BSchool leader delivers their unique case study live to the organisation creating a powerful connection with top talent.

3 Programs Available

There are three Enterprise programs that can be highly customised to suit organisational goals. The Ignite High Performers and Amplify Future Leaders Program are comprehensive transformational programs whilst the shorter Corporate Masterclasses focus on a specific topic.

BSchoolU Entrepreneurial Skills Courses Subjects

Online Courses

Entrepreneurial Skills on-demand

'Just in time' learning when you need it, solving real problems at your own pace with valuable insights from Australia's leading entrepreneurs.

Complete Programs & Short Courses

Courses including Ideation & Entrepreneurial Thinking, Digital Marketing, Lean Business Planning and Continuous Innovation & Creativity, plus many more...

Get Certified

Choose to have your learning 'Certified' and be awarded a BSchool Micro-Credential for each short course you complete. Convert your new Micro-Credentials to Australian qualifications with our education partners.  If you need any further support with your course, why not rent one of our amazing Industry Teachers through Rent-a-Teacher for some amazing one-on-one instruction.


B-lab Masterclass Community Events


"BSchool helps people identify patterns from other people’s experience, providing rich data to learn and shape their own journey."

Lincoln & Ryan Trainor
BSchool Co-Founders


Udify Pathways

Postgraduate qualifications

Udify is one of the most cost-effective and bespoke solutions to Postgraduate qualifications in Australia.

We believe in a curated approach to education, one which decisions on investment of time and sourcing of learning are made based on the most relevant content required to learn a skill.

Based on this, content is innovative, workforce focussed and practical, building  'Future Skills' for participants to navigate the ever-changing business environment. 

*Launching in 2018



BSchool founders Ryan Trainor and Lincoln Trainor

Brothers & Business. BSchool 2.0

How a journey of mutual respect as brothers laid the foundation of an enduring partnership and passion for education that has driven the re-launch of Bschool 2.0. 


The Impact of Millennials

The next few decades are going to see incredible change not seen before, with millennials being the key drivers of this alongside technological advances.


I’m not that ‘Young’ Entrepreneur anymore…

When you take a moment to pause and observe your life, you can have some meaningful, reflective moments.