BSchool for Business 4.0

BSchool is a Global Online Business School

We create Pathway Programs, Short Courses and Experiences that accelerate the transformation of individuals and companies to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. 

In the next two-decades, we'll encounter the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is reshaping every industry and every business model we’ve ever known. Many are now questioning if the rigidness of current institutional education is meeting the ever-changing needs of organisations.

The world urgently needs a new mindset and tools to overcome the challenges of this disruption. We need to empower emerging leaders to solve future business challenges by helping them develop their key mindsets and skills. There’s no silver bullet or magic wand for big organisational transformation to meet these challenges. But there is a path.

BSchool has broken down large-scale change into a series of discrete but interconnected programs leading to new individual behaviours and transformative shifts of an organisation by shaping capability development.

Through immersion in our uniquely designed Global Pathway Programs, future leaders will find our education is scientific, contextual and based on the latest global research.  Our online programs are truly transformational and have been built to address the challenges of what many are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution.   

Our goal in every program is to: 

Drive dynamic thinking. Inspire creative doing. 

Lincoln Trainor & Ryan Trainor - BSchool Founders

Meet the Founders

Ryan Trainor

Ryan Trainor is a serial entrepreneur who has focused primarily on education throughout his life having built and exited several companies. Ryan lives between Australia and Bali, Indonesia with his wife and three children who attend the Green School, a school driven to inspire entrepreneurship and empower a new generation of sustainable focused leaders. 

In 2010, Ryan became the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the Southern Region (services category) and went on to compete as a national finalist.  Ryan has studied at MIT in Boston in 2007 where he finished a three-year Entrepreneurial program and completed a similar program at Stanford University in California. 


Lincoln Trainor 
Co-Founder - MSc, BSc, GradDip(Met), DipLM, AssocDipMan

Lincoln Trainor is a scientist and education entrepreneur who is a former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.  Lincoln retired from the military after 18 years of dedicated service.  His diverse range of leadership and management roles in the military have included training and development, project management, financial management (implementation of multi-million dollar budgets), operational planning, performance, risk and human resource management, workforce planning and representational postings overseas.  

Lincoln was awarded one of the highest commendations in the Navy during 2011 when he was selected for a Deputy Chief of Navy Commendation for outstanding performance in the delivery of a $16M joint project with the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology.  Lincoln lives in Hampton with his partner Kate and three children.  He can be found coaching kids basketball and soccer on the weekends.