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Corporate Live Masterclasses

The Corporate Masterclasses represent the standalone live delivery of a BSchool Leadership Case Study to an organisation on a specific future skill or key area of leadership. 

BSchool employs the Harvard case method. Case Studies are based on real events, essentially told as stories involving issues or conflict that require resolutions. The case studies used by BSchool are particularly powerful given that they are oriented around the challenges and stories of well-known public figures, and actually delivered in the room by these figures.



Leadership Case Studies

Alastair Clarkson

Build the Winning Team Live Masterclass
with Alastair Clarkson, AFL Premiership Coach

Getting the right people, with the right skills at the right time.

Alastair Clarkson

Unleash Human Potential Live Masterclass
with Alastair Clarkson, AFL Premiership Coach

What can you do to unlock people potential?

Naomi Simson

Drive to Succeed Live Masterclass
with Naomi Simson, Founding Director RedBalloon

The power of engaging others.

Cathy Burke

Making Connections & Meaningful Work Live Masterclass
with Cathy Burke, Former VP The Hunger Project

Lead & foster productive relationships.

Garth Tander

Forging a Shared Direction Live Masterclass
with Garth Tander, V8 Supercar Champion

Where are you leading the team?

Mark Donaldson

Resilience on the Front Line Live Masterclass
with Mark Donaldson VC, Australian Solider

Staying calm during the onslaught.

Radek Sali

The Power of Creativity & Innovation Live Masterclass
with Radek Sali, Former CEO Swisse Wellness

Making a mental leap through lateral thinking.

Alastair Clarkson

Iterate & Learn Live Masterclass
with Alastair Clarkson, AFL Premiership Coach

Supporting continuous innovation.

Layne Beachley

Personal Mastery Live Masterclass
with Layne Beachley AO, World Champion Surfer

Raising the bar on yourself.

Cathy Burke

The Power of E.I Live Masterclass
with Cathy Burke, Former Global VP The Hunger Project

Perceive, control & evaluate emotions.

Ricky Ponting

Driving Team Performance Live Masterclass
with Ricky Ponting AO, Australian Cricketer

Managing flexibility, commitment, motivation, expectations and rewards.

Emma Isaacs

Adaptive Mindset Live Masterclass
with Emma Isaacs, Founder Business Chicks

Managing what, who, when & cost.