Diploma of Leadership & Management

Perhaps you have your heart set on a bachelor degree in business or a related field, such as a Bachelor of Business degree? If so, you might be interested to explore BSchool’s Diploma of Leadership in partnership with DeakinCo and Deakin University. This pathway program can provide up to 1 year credit into one of Deakin’s Bachelor degree programs.





12 – 18 Months

Delivery Mode



Learning Styles

Logical Course is sequentially ordered for maximum results
Visual Images, diagrams
Auditory Videos, podcasts, YouTube
Linguistic Text, recommended readings
Physical Interactive learning activities
Social Interact online, in class where offered
Solitary Work alone



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Transformational Leadership.

Curriculum objectives

The Diploma of Leadership & Management develops the competencies necessary for individuals who are responsible for the leadership of teams or operations and the management of people and performance. Potentially the qualification will be used by people seeking to move from advanced competence in technical or professional fields into a leadership career pathway.  It may also be accessed by team leaders or frontline and supervisory level managers seeking to move into more senior leadership and management roles.


Digital first online delivery.

Delivery mode

The curriculum content is digital first, with a fully online mode of delivery. The immersive, interactive material makes use of multimedia, video and text to accommodate different learning styles, enabling students to digest content and learn at their own pace. Students complete individual tasks, reflections and learning diaries to build a portfolio of evidence of applied learning and knowledge, personalised to their own experience and circumstance. Students who wish to delve further into the material can complete additional non-assessable tasks. The power of the curriculum is applying it directly in the workplace, enabling students to test the efficacy of different theories and how to apply them practically.


Deakin ranked in the world’s top 50 young universities.


The convenient online delivery method enables you to study at your own pace where and when it suits you, engaging online as your schedule allows. For international students wishing to transfer to a leading Bachelor degree in another country, you can commence your studies at home, saving both time and money while applying for your university course and visa. In some cases, you can earn credits towards your Bachelor degree. For example, BSchool has developed a special relationship with Deakin University, a leading university located in Melbourne, Australia. Deakin has climbed to 31 in the world's top 50 young universities in 2019.



What you’ll learn

The Diploma of Leadership & Management comprises the following learning modules:


LDS501 Leadership mindset and skills

1. Leadership 4.0
2. Establishing personal work goals
3. Setting and meeting own work priorities
4. Developing and maintaining professional competence
5. Defining leadership development needs
6. Leading hearts and minds
7. Mindsets
8. Adaptive mindsets
9. Being emotionally equipped to lead
10. Emotions and judgements

MGT505 Operational and process improvement

1. Introduction to continuous improvement and quality
2. Quality and continuous improvement: Theories and philosophies
3. Quality tools, systems and techniques
4. Continuous improvement strategies
5. Continuous quality control and evaluation
6. Quality Customer Service
7. Human-centred service design
8. Reviewing and raising the customer experience
9. Harnessing team and stakeholder input
10. Building a quality culture

LDS502 Leadership communication and culture

1. Leadership communication
2. Communication explored
3. Communication medium and flow
4. Inspiring, motivating and building shared meaning
5. Communicating as a leader
6. Communicating to build trust and confidence
7. Cooperation and managing ideas and information
8. Communicating across cultures
9. Resolving conflict and fostering positive workplace outcomes
10. Managing networks and relationships

LDS506 Agility and change

1. Organisational agility
2. Transformational leadership
3. Mega trends and the Fourth Industrial Age
4. Industry 4.0 and new digital business models
5. Change management theory and approaches
6. Readiness and responsiveness: Fast versus slow paced businesses
7. Change management strategy and project plan
8. Leading change project set up
9. Leading change project execution
10. Leading change project evaluation

MGT503 Management

1. Foundations of management
2. Managing people
3. Managing resources
4. Delegation and authority
5. Performance assessment and management
6. Counselling and misconduct
7. Development planning
8. Coaching and feedback
9. Being a role model
10. Stress and performance

INN507 Innovation and entrepreneurial thinking

1. Innovation defined
2. Lead innovation in an age of disruption
3. Being an entrepreneurial leader
4. Building creative teams and work practices
5. Creating a successful innovation environment and learning opportunities
6. Innovation Project: Set up a rapid innovation project
7. Research and analyse business need, trends, problems or opportunities
8. Assess options and build the innovation
9. Implement trials and evaluate the prototype
10. Improve the innovation and system.

MGT504 Team building

1. What is a team?
2. Types of teams
3. Team performance plans: Structure and authority
4. Team building
5. Team development
6. High performance teams
7. Allocating work and responsibilities
8. Conflict resolution
9. Enhancing collaboration
10. Stakeholder engagement and relationships

LDS508 Operational and strategic planning

1. Planning in a business
2. Levels of planning: Business, operational and strategic
3. Formulating an operational plan
4. Setting strategic purpose: Vision, mission and values
5. Setting goals and objectives
6. Setting measures
7. Securing resources
8. The balanced scorecard
9. Implementing a plan
10. Evaluating performance and planned outcomes



Who would benefit from the course?

This course will equip future leaders from a wide range of industry contexts and backgrounds with the skills necessary to apply contemporary approaches and tools to engage people and improve operational outcomes.  Those looking for advancement or promotions in a leadership or management role, those looking to secure a career pathway and those looking to enhance their current skills and knowledge in a leadership role they may already hold.



Admission requirements

Students will be eligible to do this program if they have:

Successful completion of the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management ; or

Related qualification or extensive vocational experience in a management and leadership or related field; or


Relevant qualifications or credentials (e.g. advanced leadership or management credential from professional association) or equivalent, preferably with two years of relevant vocational practice or, if you do not hold formal qualifications, relevant extensive vocational practice, and relevant experience of at least three years; or


Advanced Standing: Students who have completed relevant studies or have experience which may be deemed equivalent to the course may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or credit transfer. Applications can be made at the initial application or can be made within two weeks of commencement of the course.


Fluency in English language to a minimum overall IELTS test score of at least 5.5 is required to complete coursework successfully.


Diploma of Leadership & Management (COMING SOON)