Transformational Leadership Programs 

BSchool Corportate Programs are co-designed with the Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) to enable organisations and individuals to rapidly identify, build and sustain targeted capabilities to continuously improve performance and deliver impact.  CLA have deep expertise in the scientific basis of leadership and how it can be measured in the workplace.

There are three types of Corporate programs that can be highly customised to suit your organisational goals.  In each program the leader delivers their unique Leadership Case Study live to the organisation.  

BSchool Enterprise Amplify Leadership Program

Amplify Future Leaders Program 

This program is targeted at middle managers and future leaders to build the right leadership capabilities to impact the organisation. 

BSchool Enterprise Ignite Leadership Program

Ignite High Performers Program 

This program is targeted at aspirational and emerging leaders and designed to shape participants with impactful experiences that inspire, stretch and challenge. 

BSchool Enterprise Corporate Leadership Masterclasses

Live Masterclasses

The Corporate Masterclasses represent the standalone live delivery of a BSchool Leadership Case Study to a corporate organisation on a specific future skill or area of leadership.  



How we work

BSchool and CLA analyse, co-design, build and deliver transformational programs for organisations to ignite and amplify high performers with the right skills and tools to face the challenges of 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution'. 


1. Analyse

Identify the organisational needs and context for the program with key performance outcomes.


2. Co-design

Conduct a program design workshop to develop a unique tailored program strategy for the organisation.


3. Build

Create a program based on stakeholder input that incorporates all selected elements, which can be measured and drives individual / organisational capability uplift.


4. Deliver

Engage cohort with a mixture of learning methodologies from industry leading facilitators / scientists and high profile leaders that is continuously refined and improved during the course of the program.


Case Study

University of Melbourne Logo

University of Melbourne

BSchool recently delivered a 12-month bespoke transformational development program called ‘The Propel Program’ to 60 high performing staff members within University Services at the University of Melbourne (UoM).  The program was aimed at high potentials and was designed to teach them the key skills necessary to be successful in their current and future roles.  The success of The Propel Program showcased the ability of BSchool to successfully deliver a high quality Enterprise program to a large cohort of emerging leaders.



Our Partners

Centre for leadership advantage (CLA) Logo


The Centre for Leadership Advantage represents a highly regarded consulting team of organisational psychologists, scientist-practitioners, leadership specialists and thought leaders.  Their team has advisory and industry experience in ASX-listed, private, not-for-profit and Government organisations.  CLA have deep expertise in the scientific basis of leadership and how it can be measured in the workplace.  BSchool and CLA have formed a key alliance to deliver bespoke Enterprise Programs within the corporate marketplace.


Deakin University Logo

Deakin Business School

Deakin Business School is a Strategic partner.  Deakin University and BSchool are currently exploring several different opportunities within the Post Graduate and Executive Education space.  BSchool and Deakin University are collaborating to develop industry pathways for postgraduate qualifications through Micro-credentials.


Deakin Co. Logo


DeakinCo is an Education and Micro-credential partner.  BSchool works closely with DeakinCo to develop unique Micro-credential pathways for verifiable future skills that can be converted into postgraduate qualifications.  BSchool is also developing a learning platform known as Udify that will create a direct connection between the applied learning of future skills in the workplace and the award of Micro-credentials from DeakinCo.


The Institute for Working Futures

The Institute for Working Futures

The Institute of Working Futures (IWF) is a Strategic partner.  IWF provides research, side-by-side consultancy support and tools to assist people, regions, companies and industries to transform human capability and seize opportunities at speed.  IWF are a team of scientist-practitioners who have served on the front lines for over 20 years.  IWF is led by Dr Marcus Bowles. a true innovator in the space who has promoted global research, invested in social and commercial ventures and driven breakthrough thinking around the future of work.