Short Course: Create a Lean Business Plan

Short Course: Create a Lean Business Plan


Entrepreneurial insights with Ryan Trainor, Co-founder BSchool


Create the plan and sharpen focus with lean thinking.

Align every project to your bigger business goals. Know when to persevere or pivot on projects. Ensure everyone in your team knows their role

Leave with the knowledge and understanding of the one-page plan approach and its benefits while working through the concept of project management steps.

This course is designed for those who need to learn the importance of planning and being able to execute these plans in an organised manner.

This course will involve the following:

  • 1 x Create a Lean Business Plan Explorer Micro-credential including the following topics:

  1. The Plan

  2. Steering the ship

  3. Captain the ship

  4. Raising the dead

  5. Develop a Project Plan

  6. Project plans

  7. The lean business plan

  8. Raw stuff one-page overview document

  9. Vision, values and stretch goals

  10. What are your AIMS

  11. What are your AIMS continued

  12. Raw stuff one-page detailed plan

  13. Sample project plan

  14. Sample project timeline

  15. Sample risk management plan

  16. Sample project budget

  17. Define Project Scope

  18. Scope the project

  19. Project objectives

  20. People and Projects

  21. People management in project management

  22. Select a project team

  23. Analyse your mix of people

  24. Forming a team

  25. Manage a team

  26. Manage a team continued

  27. Budgets and Projects

  28. Develop a project budget

  29. Cost types?

  30. Estimating your budget

  31. Contingency planning

  32. Monitor your budget

  33. Creating a culture that tracks project time

  34. Risk and Projects

  35. Effective risk management

  36. underpins successful projects

  37. Tips to identify project risks

  38. Example of a risk management plan

  39. Monitoring and Evaluation

  40. Review, implement, review, implement

  41. Review, implement, review,

  42. implement continued

  43. Apply the results

  44. Develop a Formal Document

  45. The formal business plan

  • Industry Insights from Ryan Trainor, Founder of BSchool

  • 60+ hours on interactive online learning

  • Numerous practical tools and templates

  • Comprehensive feedback sheet for all Applied Projects and Tasks within your Assignment

  • Self directed anytime learning on desktop or mobile

  • Technical & Administrative Support

Please note this is a non-accredited course where you can earn a BSchool certified Explorer Credential. Although your assignment is NOT marked by a teacher, you can upload your assignment and we will email you a comprehensive feedback sheet with the required answers so that you can compare and see if you are on the right track.

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**This is an on demand self-paced short course that does not follow a set schedule and is open for 24 months


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