Short Course: Manage Cashflow & Raise Capital

Short Course: Manage Cashflow & Raise Capital


Entrepreneurial insights with Richard Forbes, Managing Director 333 Group


Raise capital for your idea.

Knowing the right time to seek to funding, for your business. Understanding the difference between smart and dumb money, and which is the right one for you. Pitching your idea, know what investors need to hear.

Leave with the knowledge of how to build your financial roadmap, while developing a financial plan and acquiring finance.

This course is designed for those who want a better understanding of how to manage their financial identity and pitch for investors in the future.

This course will involve the following:

  • 1 x Manage Cash Flow and Raise Capital Explorer Micro-credential including the following topics:

  1. Costs of doing business

  2. Do the maths

  3. Actuals not guestimates

  4. Essentially Raw example

  5. Know your market and make a profit

  6. Price adjustment

  7. Projected profit

  8. Your financial roadmap

  9. The business plan

  10. Develop a formal business plan document

  11. Create a financial plan

  12. Shake the tin!

  13. With a financial plan

  14. Additional financial information

  15. Assets

  16. Capital investments

  17. Budgets & monitoring financial performance

  18. Acquire Finance

  19. Aim of the game

  20. Investor who?

  21. Pitch deck

  22. Design tips

  23. Other slides you may include

  24. Tips to remember

  25. Documentation from your business plan

  • Industry Insights from Richard Forbes, Managing Director of 333 Group

  • 50+ hours on interactive online learning

  • Numerous practical tools and templates

  • Comprehensive feedback sheet for all Applied Projects and Tasks within your Assignment

  • Self directed anytime learning on desktop or mobile

  • Technical & Administrative Support

Please note this is a non-accredited course where you can earn a BSchool certified Explorer Credential. Although your assignment is NOT marked by a teacher, you can upload your assignment and we will email you a comprehensive feedback sheet with the required answers so that you can compare and see if you are on the right track.

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**This is an on demand self-paced short course that does not follow a set schedule and is open for 24 months

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