Short Course: Cyberculture

Short Course: Cyberculture


With Digital Media Specialist, Sue Bell


Internet hate is on the rise.

Online mobs get people fired from their jobs. Teenagers are bullied to death. Trolls deface Facebook memorial pages and cybergangs search the web for vulnerable people to destroy. 

But who are these people and what motivates them to go online and look for someone to threaten, intimidate, destroy, or shame?

And what can you do to protect yourself from all the negativity?

Cyberculture—an innovative and exciting new unit—explores these questions and more.

Join us and learn about the psychology of trolls, cyberbullies, cyberstalkers, and online vigilante mobs, and why you must handle each of them differently.

Via case studies and recent research, you will explore the effects of cyberabuse on its victims and perpetrators as well as what law enforcement and governments are doing—and not doing—to curb the hate.

This unit offers an extensive practical and theoretical examination of the reasons behind cyberabuse of all kinds and how to protect yourself from its devastating effects.

If you’re online for business, education, or pleasure, this unit is essential reading because it will give you the knowledge and the skills to navigate an increasingly hostile Internet.

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